Munday Funday: Family Holiday Style

I went on a family holiday… and I survived.

In the aftermath of our trip to Costa Rica, and after many wonderful conversations recounting our many adventures during our travels, I thought I REALLY needed to clarify one very important detail.

Namely: There is a DISTINCT difference between a family holiday, and a vacation, at least there sure is when your kiddos are 8 and 10 (I am open to the possibility that this improves over time).

Family Holiday: A time away with the fam which is likely to include hours and hours and hours and hours of exhausting fun with your kids, musical beds every night (somehow beds which are only a few feet apart are all the easier to climb in to each and every night), very little restful sleep, and exactly ZERO alone time.

Vacation: A refreshing, relaxing time away which leaves you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Dear friends, we went on a family holiday. It was fantastic, amazing, a dream-come-true… but I am just now recovering. Just now. Three weeks after the fact. No joke.


Munday Funday

I was looking through quotes to write in my Christmas Cards (I have high hopes of actually sending them this year family… yes, I do.), and I found this. I might frame it and make it our new family motto!!!


If you would like to see more quotes like this one, I found it here.

Have a Marvellous Monday… try to make it a Funday Munday… ANY. WAY. YOU. CAN!!!

Crisis Averted



Let’s all just keep calm. Collectively breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

My coffee maker broke.

Think woman. Think.

I immediately took myself to the nearest coffee maker supply store and replaced it.

Crisis Averted.

Phew. My children and husband have been spared and will be able to safely enter into our home at the end of this day.

As you were.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday all!


Lemmings. At Costco!

Have you ever heard of a Lemming? They are tiny arctic rodents that will occasionally pick up and move en-mass, usually to find a better home, but sometimes with disastrous results. I think I must have learned about the lemmings in some long-forgotten biology class. Or maybe a nature show. I’m not sure.

Standing in a patiently slow-moving line outside the local Costco this morning, I may have appeared a little off-kilter. I began chuckling to myself, because as I followed my fellow consumers, attempting to make a better home filled with all good consumable things, I was reminded of the lemmings. And this became my Munday Funday (Monday’s always need a little pick-me-up. Caffeine often does the trick, but I tend to look for something more substantial to giggle about each and every Monday).

We all rushed to do our early morning Monday routine, just in time to stand with shopping comrades in a winding line outside the glorious commercial giant eager to gaze at Christmas trees and parkas (Yes, I am from Canada… no, there is actually no snow here yet… but we know Costco likes to beat the seasons by several months) right at the stroke of 10 am. Goofy. Humans are goofy. I love it.

Have a Munday Funday all! Find a way to make someone you see giggle. It’s better than caffeine. I promise.