Soul Food Sunday: What Time Is It?

I was recently encouraged by a dear friend who wrote this lovely devotional for us. I asked him if he would mind if I doctored it up a bit and shared it with all of you, and he so graciously agreed.

Sometimes the roads we travel are not those we originally set out upon… and that’s ok.

From HC,

Take a look at your wrist watch.  The longer side has many slots, the shorter side has the hook.

Imagine that your journey starts in the first hole on the long end of the strap. As life comes, you journey along the band until you come to a milestone event along the road. The first notch in the strap. You hook the clasp there. Surely you have arrived. Everything fits so perfectly together. The “right” spot for you. The trouble is, that when you turn your wrist over to check the time, you are frustrated to find that the watch just hangs on your wrist – upside down! This is not the “right” spot.

It is easy in that moment, to feel discouraged, to believe that somehow you have made a mistake. Everything seemed perfect! How could this spot be wrong? Take heart! It is not wrong, simply a step along the journey. It is time to unhook, continue to journey, and to look for another notch in the band.

Eventually, you will find yourself at another crossroad or milestone.  It is time to reset. Prayerfully and faithfully, set the clasp again. Thinking that surely this is the “right” time, the “right” place, you turn your wrist to verify the time.  But, the watch is still too loose – it is being used correctly, but it’s not the right setting.

BUT, now you know what to do! Keep learning, keep growing, keep journeying to the next fork in the road. The next milestone. The next decision. This is our journey! Not one of frustration, but of knowing that we are continually closer to the best version of ourselves and to the best life available to us! It is tempting to go back to familiar settings. Don’t. That is the wrong way – it will simply loosen your strap, not lead you closer to where you want to go. Keep moving forward. Always.

This journey called life can be hard. And tiring. And frustrating. We can become so focussed on the events that seem to be the “wrong” fit, that we fail to appreciate all that we are becoming in the process.  Continuing on takes a great effort. But that effort is what it is truly all about! Don’t stop. Don’t be complacent. Look for the next place to HOOK IN – readjust, rethink, persevere. Continue the journey – faithfully, prayerfully.

God has your journey all worked out. He can see the time and is walking along with you every step. You don’t need to worry about “getting there.” He is in charge of that. You are in charge of your forward steps.

So… keep journeying. Keep ticking along. Keep adjusting those settings and eventually, it will all come together. In His time. By His grace. And ultimately for His glory. WATCH it HAPPEN!

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” – Isaiah 41:13

Note: HC is Mr. to the lovely Sarah over at Pure Simple Change


Soul Food Sunday: February 7

Getting to church on Sunday morning can seem like a challenge (some weeks are better than others, right?!), so for those that didn’t make it this morning, I thought I might share my take-aways from Alliance Community Church this morning.

Here’s how Pastor Kevin started us off:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge or controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We were asked to decide how we, as Christians, conduct ourselves at such times. In particular, we were asked to consider how we are currently conducting ourselves in the political climate we are living in.

I think for many in the room, this was tough medicine to swallow. There are many Albertans that did not choose our current national government. There are many Albertans that did not choose our current provincial government. There are many that are extremely frustrated as they watch these new authorities make choices on our behalf that they would not choose.

So, what are we to do? What does the Bible say we are to do in times such as these.

Pastor Kevin pointed us to some very relevant scripture written by Peter in a time of extreme political and cultural upheaval. Read 1 Peter 2:11-17 and decide what stands out to you.

Here’s what I took away:

  • We are aliens and strangers in this land, merely ambassadors of Christ in this life, meant to represent our heavenly home with justice, righteousness, and peace.
  • No matter what we are called to in this world, and particularly in those instances where politics and justice are concerned, we are NEVER to choose any kind of evil in the service of our cause. Loving God and loving people ALWAYS comes first.
  • We are called to pray for and respect our leaders. ALL our leaders. Those we agree with and those we don’t. We are called to promote peace.

Our human hearts become so easily entangled in webs of anger, frustration, and controversy, that we can easily forget our true mission. I intend to go in to this week trying to remember that even as I speak out against those things that I do not agree with, I must temper my words and my actions with grace and love.

Have a Simple, Sweet, and Special Sunday everyone!