Book Worm: “East of Eden”

My latest read:

This Book Worm beauty had me turning pages. I love novels written in a classic style and with beautiful language and word pictures. This one does that and more.

I couldn’t help but underline passage after passage throughout this book. Somehow, while telling his story, Steinbeck encourages the reader to think about their own. This would be a fantastic book club study, with lots of juicy details to discuss, ponder, and disagree (or agree!) with. I love reading a book that brings out the reading-heckler in me… you know what I mean… turning the pages and wanting to shout out, “Why are you doing that?!… You can’t do that!… Listen to me!!… Come. ON. What is he thinking?!” I love becoming involved with the characters of a great book. I might not be passionate about sports on TV, but give me a good book and I can heckle with the best of them!! 😉

So, this one gets thumbs up all around from me. If you might normally steer clear of novels written in yester-year, don’t pass this one by! Give it a chance. You might find yourself with a whole new genre of books to enjoy!!