Travel Diary: Jet Lag is a real thing.

It has been two decades since I travelled across oceans. I remember being tired and somewhat bewildered at the beginning of that journey, but chalked that up to my inexperience as a young traveller on my own. Nope. That was Jet Lag. And so is this!

Our little family was greeted in Frankfurt by 34 Degrees C and humidity. It is HOT here! After approximately 2 hours and 41 minutes (thank you FitBit) of sleep during the “night,” I was feeling a bit tired and foggy… not so my young comrades. JJ (10) has a special way of becoming more and more energized the more exhausted he becomes – to the point of hysteria, actually. So, imagine him after only a couple of hours of sleep. He was moving at Mach 4 for the entire first day on the European continent. I was practicing deep breathing.

CT (12) travelled like a seasoned pro, and slept for a solid 4 or 5 hours… he woke up ready to tackle our adventure, which meant telling us every story he had ever heard about Germany, German people, German history, German food, German Language… bless his heart. I was practicing deep breathing.

Hubbie was on a mission to secure our car, which he did at lightning speed (or so it seemed to the three of us sitting on the airport floor practicing deep breathing). Her name is Skoda. She is lovely and speaks to us kindly when we get lost. She also warns us about traffic, changing speed limits (or lack thereof), and areas of higher pedestrian volume. She is also a little squishy… I packed lightly, but not light enough apparently.

The Skoda car… all loaded up and ready to go!

Note for potential European travellers: we have decided to road trip the entire journey… renting a car for the entire duration of our trip (and in the three countries we were visiting) was actually cheaper (including gas, tolls, and parking), than sporadically renting a car and using trains for longer distances. Definitely look into this option if you are planning a trip of your own.

After driving to Mainz from Frankfurt faster than a speeding bullet (OK, not exactly bullet-speed, but 150 km/hr is nothing to shake a stick at… hello Autobahn… and we were most definitely the slow ones), we arrived at the Novotel Mainz and set to the task of staying awake until 8 pm (our earliest bedtime to “fight” the Jet Lag). We swam in the pool, lounged in the spa, and walked until our feet might fall off… and stayed awake until 8:30!

Then woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 3:00 am. Yup. All 4 of us. Jet Lag: 1, Travelling Family: 0.

Melatonin is your friend when travelling.

We did manage to get back to sleep by about 4:00 am and all slept soundly again until 9 am.

Old town Mainz… I was having trouble with camera settings, the boys were smiling brightly one moment earlier!!

A few other tidbits… I am clearly in my homeland… if only for the food. I ate a baguette, salami, brie, and muesli with honey right out of the comb for breakfast. Yes I did. I will do it again tomorrow. Our hotel room coffee maker is an espresso maker. Yes it is. I plan on getting A LOT of steps on this journey to accommodate for these things…

The next leg of our journey takes us to Cologne (Koln)… and hopefully a good night’s sleep… I’ll keep you posted!


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