Half way there?

How do you feel about turning 40?

Do you feel older?

What are you DOING for your 40th?

Milestone birthdays are funny things.

I don’t tend to get caught up in hype, and I’m not the sort of person that dreads the years going by (quite the opposite, actually), but I’ll be honest… as I walked the path of my 40th year, even I had to fight the urge to jump on the bandwagon and make it “special.”

Except, I fought the urge – I fought the urge to make this past year and the one to come about anything other than the path that has already been so graciously, lovingly, and thoughtfully planned out for me by the One who made me. Things are unfolding just as they should… the good, the bad, and the ugly. And that’s OK with me.

But, for those of you 40-somethings, or going to be 40-somethings that wonder how I might answer all the 40-questions… here it is…

How do I feel about turning 40?

Banff, Alberta 10K… do it!

I feel like a finisher with a lot of run left in me. The first half of my life has been an adventure that I could not have planned for or imagined in all my dreams… and I am grateful beyond measure.

Do I feel older?

hanging with some of my peeps, Fairmont, BC

I feel wiser (but that I have more and more to learn every year that goes by), more comfortable in my skin, like I need to listen to my body well and honour what it tells me… so if that is “older,” then yes… I do. In the best way possible.

What am I DOING for my 40th?

Best. Dog. Ever.

Soul Mate, Marble Canyon, BC… do this too!

I am fiercely loving the people in my life (the little brown furry one too… he’s 105 you know… which makes 40 look pretty pathetic, really…). I’m learning that almost everything comes and goes… so these people, the ones God puts in my life for a long while, or a little while… they matter the most. I’m doing my best to respect that truth.

So… if you are my people, you know who you are and I Love You. I’m grateful for you and I’m blessed to know you. Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I pray that my everyday would reflect back all that love to you.

If you’re visiting my blog and don’t know me… can I just recommend that you go love your people? It’s one investment you’ll never regret!

Happy EVERY DAY to you all!!


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