Munday Funday: Family Holiday Style

I went on a family holiday… and I survived.

In the aftermath of our trip to Costa Rica, and after many wonderful conversations recounting our many adventures during our travels, I thought I REALLY needed to clarify one very important detail.

Namely: There is a DISTINCT difference between a family holiday, and a vacation, at least there sure is when your kiddos are 8 and 10 (I am open to the possibility that this improves over time).

Family Holiday: A time away with the fam which is likely to include hours and hours and hours and hours of exhausting fun with your kids, musical beds every night (somehow beds which are only a few feet apart are all the easier to climb in to each and every night), very little restful sleep, and exactly ZERO alone time.

Vacation: A refreshing, relaxing time away which leaves you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Dear friends, we went on a family holiday. It was fantastic, amazing, a dream-come-true… but I am just now recovering. Just now. Three weeks after the fact. No joke.

4 thoughts on “Munday Funday: Family Holiday Style

  1. Joey Tipping

    I believe that! It was a family adventure. Loved reading about your trip. You’re such a good writer that even I got tired! Hugs to you all. 😘

  2. Sharmen Dawson

    Yes! Everyone is asking me if I’m taking my kids to Mexico this month. What a silly question. I did one three week family trip this year. This next one is so I can have a conversation with my husband.

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