Travel Diary: Costa Rica (3)

In Costa Rica, they say “Pura Vida.” Although directly translated as “pure life,” as far as I can surmise, we can take this common phrase to mean “it’s all good,” or “no worries.” After a day spent lounging around the pool at our rented house (located in Hacienda Pinilla, near Tamarindo), we quite readily adopted this attitude ;). Well… almost all of us. CT and JJ have their first sunburns (seriously, first ever)… we are Canadian after all. After 7 hours (yes, 7, pardoning a short break for lunch) in and out of the pool in the blazing sun, the sunscreen just didn’t keep up… we will reapply much more regularly from this point on… and two boys found themselves with very sensitive shoulders and cheeks. LUCKILY, you will recall the pharmaceutical supply chest I brought along with us, so there is plenty of aloe vera gel and solarcaine to go around. 😉

So, what to do after a day in the sun? A day in the shade in the local town of Tamarindo. Our house full of people (there are 18 of us in all) seems to go through an inordinate amount of food each day, so another grocery run was in order! We organized travel to town and a stop at the grocery store through a fabulous local company (Yellow Fin Tours). If you are ever in this area, we all highly recommend this company. Dervin and Anna are courteous, kind, and exceptionally accommodating. They provide transportation services, and can organize any adventure your heart might desire in Guanacaste. Definitely look them up!

Tamarindo reminded me of Tofino, BC, Canada… except much warmer!! 😉 It is a surf town through and through with surf shops littering the beach and main road through town and several little restaurants, beach wear, and t-shirt shops along the way. We ate lunch on the beach and watched a local spear-fishing near volcanic rocks just inside the surf. For all you fish lovers out there, he did bring in two large-looking bright silver-colored fish, but we were not able to understand him when we asked what kind of fish it was (note to self, those spanish lessons I keep meaning to take would really come in handy here). All in all, a delicious bowl of guacamole on the beach (CT and JJ have changed their minds on guac… they have joined the hubbs and I as avid fans) while watching the surfers in the waves is not a bad way to start the day!


After such a hard day shopping and people watching on the beach, we took ourselves to the Beach Club at Hacienda Pinilla (all residents in Hacienda Pinilla have access to the local beach club which includes tennis, a beautiful pool, restaurant and bar, and gym) for some beach combing, swimming, and a cool drink by the pool.



Pura Vida Indeed!

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