Travel Journal: Costa Rica (1)

This post has been 2 years in the making! The fam and I are taking this show on the road!

About two years ago, we began planning, saving, and preparing for a family adventure to beautiful Costa Rica. At that time, we also made a commitment that any travel we would do, would incorporate some form of service and learning.

Enter international volunteer travel company IVHQ. After doing some researching, we chose IVHQ as our vehicle for international volunteering for two reasons:

  1. They were willing to accommodate our family (as opposed to volunteering as an individual or adults-only).
  2. They already had programs in our country of choice for this adventure (Costa Rica), and in an area of interest to our family (agriculture).

We will be travelling to Costa Rica in January, 2016 and will first vacation with friends for one week, and then spend one week volunteering at a coffee farm in Monte Verde, Costa Rica.

IVHQ provides a platform for journal entries on their website for those travelling as part of their program, so I have decided to journal our experiences there. For my first journal entry (our pre-travel preparations), click here, and I’ll keep you posted as I have more to say and we get closer to our departure!

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