Family Fun Close to Home!

This is very exciting for me! One of the munchkins in our crew has decided that he might like to try his hand at blogging, and decided that this week he wanted to post together with me about a recent family adventure at a near-by provincial park.

I love to share places we go adventuring… we are so grateful to live in a place with such easy access to the amazing beauty and pristine wilderness that is all around us! It is soul-food for our family to spend some time in nature!

So, before I go on, click on the photo below for a link to one of my partners in crime’s version of Crimson Lake Provincial Park, Alberta (he preferred to post his views at his own blog site, rather than adding his words to mine… a 10 year old’s prerogative after all ;)).


Crimson Lake Provincial Park is only minutes away from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and is a great get away for a day of easy hiking, biking, or exploring along the beach. Because we visited late in the fall, we didn’t get a good impression of the general “busyness” of the lake. It was extremely quiet and accessible when we were there and we were virtually alone on the trail we chose. As a place to hike with children or an easy off-road bike ride, it is ideal with a great 10 km loop around the lake with plenty of little spots for exploring along the way! There are good outhouse toilets (bring your own hand sanitizer), and a little park for the kids to play on. The beach has several picnic sites that I’m sure are quite full in the summer, but virtually unused in the fall season. We enjoyed wandering around in the shallow water in our gum boots and walking on the small dock to look at the mussels growing underneath. One small fishing boat came in while we were exploring the boat launch with a bucket full of Pile Perch… so we might just have to go back for some fishing too!

The highlight of the day for us was the beautiful fall colors all around and the quiet. SO quiet. It was soul food at its best. We had a great day and are really looking forward to trying the area again with snow shoes or cross-country skis in a few months! I would most definitely recommend this area as a great afternoon or daytime excursion to just “get out-of-town.”

Happy Adventuring… and thank you to my co-pilot Cole for his added charm on this topic!



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