Holiday Countdown

Let the countdown begin!

24, 23, 22, 21….

And so it began only a few weeks ago. Up goes the advent calendar, and so begins the annual march from 1 to 24… the intensity building by the day (which may be due to the copious advent calendar chocolate being consumed, but who’s keeping score…). Since becoming a mother, I have revelled at seeing Christmas through my children’s eyes. The wonder of the Christmas tree, twinkling in our family room, the lure of gifts under the tree, the smell of festive treats coming from the kitchen. It all takes on a sparkling glow when seen through the eyes of children. AND THE COUNTDOWN… oh the countdown!

“How many more sleeps now, mom?”

“Can we mail our Christmas lists now, mom?”

And new to my household this year (my oldest is in grade 2 and the youngest in kindergarten):

“When does our school break start, mom?”

For whatever reason, the joy and anticipation of being “out” of school for the holidays had not yet consumed my kids until this year. Maybe it is that both of them are in school now, rather than just one. Or that as they are getting older, they more fully appreciate the weeks at home that they are gifted with over the holidays. Whatever it is, this year has been full of anticipation of the “Christmas Break!”

And here’s the thing… I have enjoyed watching my kids count down the days. I have enjoyed watching them say good-bye to their classmates “until next year!!” I have enjoyed celebrating Christmas at the many parties, concerts, and special days that school brings to the season…

But more than all that…

Shhhhhh… don’t tell my kids…

I am practically GIDDY that the break is here too! All those years in kid-dome, wishing for the Christmas break to start, almost leaping out of my skin with excitement for the Christmas that was almost upon me… if only I knew what was to come. Because truly, no child, EVER, has felt the sheer joy, excitement, relief, and contentment that comes to a MOTHER at the prospect of a break from the everyday!! Oh, they think this holiday countdown is all about them… but little do they know, I have been doing a little happy dance of my own as they counted down the days!

And here we are, on the Eve of the first day off… Ahhhhhh. My little sugar plums are snuggled tight in their beds, and I…

Well, I am NOT making lunches for tomorrow. And really, who could ask for a better gift than that?!

Merry Christmas!

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