A Night at the Museum

We are going on year 4 of Dinomania in our household. It all started when CT was 4… and then again when JJ turned 4 (neither interest level seems to be waning). Don’t get me wrong. This science-loving, research-loving, biology-loving mom is tickled pink that her lovelies are taking an interest in the natural world… but 4 years of reading dino encyclopedias is getting a bit much, if you know what I mean…

However, I’m a sucker for all things educational, and dinomania counts… sooooo…

What does a dino-loving, hiking-bound, fun-seeking family in Southern Alberta do when they need yet another dino fix? They drive to the Mecca of museums for dinosaur lovers in our part of the world, which by some magical twist of dino-fate is only 1.5 hours from our humble abode. Of course, I speak of the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta (A.K.A, dino-heaven to our little paleontologist prodigies).

As you might imagine, our last few years have been riddled with countless excursions to this destination. So, when the request came this summer to, again, visit the museum, I had to find a way to shake it up a little. We have done all the activities. We have done all the hikes. We have done all the interpretive programs… what could possibly be left?!

A SLEEP OVER!!! I’m not kidding. For a very reasonable price, we found ourselves camping out under the dino bones after filling our bellies with a yummy dino-snack, and resting our minds after 2 hours of never-before enjoyed behind the scenes dino-experiences. The kids? Ecstatic! The parents? In the good books for the time being!


After a (surprisingly!) good sleep under the bones, we awoke to a hot breakfast, dino movie, and a full day in the museum!

On this mom’s scale of fun-famly-excursions, at a reasonable price, and in the vicinity of home, this one rates 10/10. If you have dino-fans at home, I highly recommend you check it out!






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